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Flight Training London is a professional and friendly Approved Training Organisation located at London Elstree Aerodrome in North London. Situated well within the M25, we are easily accessible by road, railway or tube. The aerodrome benefits from being the closest aerodrome to Central and North London.


The school offers amazing Trial Flights and Gift Experiences, and training for the Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Multi-Engine Piston Rating (ME), Instrument Rating (IR), Competency Based Instrument Rating (CBIR), The Restricted Instrument Rating (IR(R) or IMC), Night Rating (N) as well as Self Hire, Aircraft Conversions, The Co-Pilot Course, Check-outs, Ground School and Hour-Building.

We also sell Gift Vouchers, Aviation Merchandise, Training Supplies, and for our Members, we hold amazing Events and Fly-outs all year round.


Flight Training London is located at London Elstree Aerodrome which provides an exciting base to conduct your training, with a Café on-site as well as a Pooley’s Aviation Shop and an array of large and visiting aircraft, not to mention the frequent film shooting or celebrity appearance being so close to Warner Bros and Elstree Film studios. It also has 24 hour access to people with Private Pilot Licences given the runway lights and soon we will also have a Lounge for our students and Members.

Elstree Aerodrome has great transport connection and is within easy reach for anybody from London especially North and central London, situated right next to M1 and well within the M25, we are easily accessible by road, railway or tube, but our students travel from further afield to come and train with us.


We have a great community of pilots, pilots in training and instructors that together with their family and friends create the Flight Training London’s adventurous spirit and passion for aviation and we pride ourselves with our friendly and fun events where all our members come to socialise, make new friends and learn from each other.

We have fly outs that take all our planes to different airfields in the UK and abroad like France and Belgium, we also have some of our former students that have their planes or share in a plane, that venture further, to places in Europe like Spain, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe and even a hop across the Atlantic, all in single engine aircraft. They are always very happy to share their experiences of these exciting adventures.

The spirit and passion for flying and adventure resides in most people and we are there for you to take you there and take you out of the boundaries that the world might have put on you. We are welcoming anyone willing to venture in this direction and we will help you achieve your dream of flying and reach the freedom of the skies.


The School was Established in 2012 by Ivan Kurbanov and Tamsyn Illman to provide one-to-one training for people wanting to fly for fun as well as those who want to embark on a commercial flying career.

Ivan Kurbanov started out as an instructor at Panshanger Aerodrome after completing all his commercial training in the UK. He then took his passion for teaching to Elstree Aerodrome where he started the school with his partner Tamsyn Illman. Nearly 10,000 teaching hours later, he still feels like no day is ever the same and loves the rewards teaching offers. He takes the role of Chief Flying Instructor and is not only an instructor, but Examiner as well with a priority for safety and professionalism within flying.

His partner Tamsyn’s background was in graphic design, marketing and advertising and works as the school’s Marketing Manager as well as the organiser of various events and fly-outs.

The school started with just one plane and no students but 8 years later we now operate a fleet of 11 planes; a mix of Cessna 152s and Piper PA28-161/181, one PA28-201 Arrow Complex and one DA42 Twin Engine Aircraft.

We are open 7 days a week and are looking forward seeing you in our school.

Call us to make an appointment now and talk to one of our instructors about your training.